Discrepancy Between State and Federal Eligibility for Medicinal Cannabis.

jem eeg 4 may 2018“Secondly, I want to clarify: it’s not required that all other options have been exhausted. This is the Special Access Scheme for unapproved medicines.

We have heard today incorrectly that this scheme is only for if every other single medicine has been exhausted”

Professor John Skerritt. Department of Health.

Current barriers to patient access to medicinal cannabis in Australia





Jeremy has trialled and failed over 17 medicines. He has also trialled and failed the VNS implant. He is not a suitable brain surgery candidate. At the time we commenced cannabis therapy his neurologist admitted “I have nothing left to offer Jeremy that will successfully and safely control his seizures”

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 5.10.29 pm

This is our experience. As it stands TMAAC requires Jeremy to trial and fail ALL conventional TGA registered medicines before being considered for the Controlled Access Scheme.



After over two years of frustration waiting for a specialist and approval at state level we are still providing Jeremy the medicine he deserves. We again call on the Government to support self supply.

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