70 Days


70 days doesn’t seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things.
Unless you add on three years to that time, since we first asked for a prescription for cannabis.
Then add another three years..
Six years since we started using cannabis for Jeremy and fighting for his right to legally use a plant to offer him a decent quality of life.
Six years since it got to the point where he started jumping out of moving cars, since he hospitalised one of his support workers, since we had to lock him in our home because it was too dangerous for him to leave. Since his unrelenting explosive behaviours and increased side effects from the three seizure medications he was prescribed at the time sent him into a tail spin that we are still trying to treat to this day.

Over 22 years since he had suspected acute viral encephalitis and his life was turned upside down. Almost 27 years since he had his very first seizure.


I don’t know if tomorrow, August 27 2020, after all those milestone dates will bring positive news.
It’s been 70 days since the third treating specialist agreed to apply to the Controlled Access Scheme on his behalf.

What I do know is it will be the last time we ask for a prescription.


I hope it is positive news. I hope that if it isn’t that we can find a way to work with his medical team despite the fact 95% of his medicine is homegrown and untested.

Whatever happens, we will be in Jeremy’s corner, just as we always have been.

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