Changes to the Controlled Access Scheme is welcome news.

The Government announcement in the State of the State Address about changes to the Controlled Access Scheme is welcome news.
Patients across Tasmania have been pleading for fairer access to medicinal cannabis for many years.

It should not have taken four years for these changes to be made but now Tasmanians can speak with their GP to gain access to medicinal cannabis. GPs are well placed to provide care around prescribing medicinal cannabis.

It is important that the Controlled Access Scheme remains in place, for those most vulnerable patients requiring medicinal cannabis therapy.

Concerns persist about affordability and availability of medicinal cannabis. We ask that government considers the recommendations of the recent Senate Inquiry current barriers to patient access to medicinal cannabis in Australia to allow self supply/cultivation of medicinal cannabis. Those patients that choose to self supply should be protected. 
Driving while prescribed medicinal cannabis will also need to be addressed.

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