Premier happy with Controlled Access Scheme while patients scramble to secure medicinal cannabis outside the law.

logofinalx2Response from the Premier, the Honourable Peter Gutwein

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for your email regarding medicinal cannabis and the Covid-19 emergency.
Call for Government to Protect Tasmanians Using Medicinal Cannabis

As you are aware, the Controlled Access Scheme (CAS) allows Tasmanians with a serious illness, which has not responded to conventional therapies, access to unproven medical cannabis products when prescribed by a suitably qualified medical specialist. This approach remains available to Tasmanians, and anyone seeking access should contact their GP in accordance with the medical treatment movement restrictions.

The rules related to restrictions under COVID-19 specifies that individuals should stay at home other than for essential purposes. Essential purposes include getting food and groceries, undertaking personal exercise, or attending medical, or health care appointments or for medical treatment.

If members of the community are concerned regarding how to demonstrate their reason for not being at home, there will be opportunities to provide documentary evidence. For example, employers are providing staff with letters identifying the staff member as an employee. People visiting dispensaries may elect to show their scripts or medical certificates as their genuine reason for not being at home. I must note, these are suggestions and it is not mandatory to be able to prove your purpose on the spot.

Beyond these examples, I reiterate that Tasmania Police’s approach to enforcing the law when it comes to personal drug use has not changed.

Thank you for writing to me.


One thought on “Premier happy with Controlled Access Scheme while patients scramble to secure medicinal cannabis outside the law.

  1. I has read this if that is the extent of his letter no pdf attached.

    Their stance at present is not to change the CAS at all, not to acknowledge ALL the patients in TAS needing access and not to respond to the Senate r commendations.

    Just means we have a lot of work to do to get those recommendations implemented.


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