Grieving Retired Aussie Nurse on a Cannabis Mission

Gail Hester founded Medical Cannabis Users Association of Australia (MCUA) and became a registered, incorporated not for profit association in 2015.

Gail Hester. MCUA. Photo supplied.
Gail Hester. Supplied.


Gail, lost her 21 year old daughter to bowel cancer. She set out on a mission to find the truth about cannabis.


“The more I researched the more evidence I found that cannabis may have indeed helped my daughter through this very dark time, and that it may well help others”


Gail and her daughter, Sarah. Photo Gail Hester


It was that revelation that saw Gail undertake the mission to bring truth to light and encourage others to fight for their own rights to use cannabis. Gail and other members of MCUA work tirelessly to bring about change.

There are many advocates in Australia that are fighting for change but to be honest you’d go a long way to find someone that puts in the hours that Gail pours into this fight.


 Read the full story here  

For more information on MCUA 


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